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Bridge systems only


Have you been informed by our employees that we need to carry out remote maintenance? Then request an appointment now and fill out the following form carefully to avoid delays during the appointment. As soon as the appointment request has been confirmed, you will receive a separate e-mail. This service is only available from hardware version v4 (with bridge system). Information and preparation for the upcoming appointment: Remote service is carried out completely remotely via Bluetooth using your mobile device. The following points should be observed to ensure smooth remote maintenance: 1. The system should be connected to permanent positive (terminal 30) and should also be active when the ignition is switched off. 2. The Maxhaust Bridge app must be up to date. Under UPDATES you can check whether all devices are up to date 3. An internet connection should be stable and fast enough, at least in the LTE network. Wifi or VPN connections could impair the readout. 4. A test drive is necessary for some vehicles. The vehicle should be ready to drive.

  • 45 Min.
  • Online Meeting

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