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  • How do I get specific assembly instructions for my vehicle.
    You can easily access a car-specific manual in the new Maxhaust Bridge app. The following options are available. Car information when using the Maxhaust Bridge App for the first time. Car information for already registered Maxhaust products. Car information is not yet available. 1. Car Information when using the Maxhaust Bridge App for the first time Open the Maxhaust Bridge app and go to "Car Check". Select your car and engine. Here you can view the appropriate instructions for your car in the "Car Specific" section. 2. Car information for already registered Maxhaust products. If you have already successfully installed and registered a Maxhaust product, you can access car information as follows. Open the Maxhaust Bridge App and go to "More" at the bottom right... ...and click on the button "Car Database". Now you can select your car and the engine here... ...and display the instructions for your vehicle in the "Car-specific" section. 3. Car information is not yet available. If you see "Request" under "Installation and Operation", then no instructions are available for this car. Click on "Request" to open your email programme and send a request for the information you need. We will reply as soon as possible.
  • What is the Maxhaust Bridge?
    The centrepiece... The Maxhaust Bridge is the All-In-One interface for all Maxhaust products and the Bridge app. All Maxhaust extensions such as Active Sound and all future extensions such as air suspension, flap control, pedal tuning or ambient lighting are controlled and managed with the bridge.
  • Can there be disruptions in the vehicle?
    No. With a professional installation, there can be no malfunctions in the vehicle.
  • Do I have to install two loudspeakers if I have a double-pipe exhaust system (duplex)?
    No. It has nothing to do with the exhaust system. The sound spreads under the vehicle, so you can't tell if the sound is coming from the left or right.
  • Can I install the Active Sound System myself?
    Assembly is not difficult for a skilled person. presence of the The right tool is a prerequisite. Welding work is necessary when installing under the vehicle. These should always be from to be carried out by a specialist. However, our team is always available by phone for advice to the side.
  • Is the Maxhaust Bridge required?
    Yes, the bridge is the most important component for all Maxhaust extensions. In conjunction with the Bridge app, it controls and monitors all connected Maxhaust products. The bridge is the heart of the system.
  • Where are the HIGH SPEAKER installed?
    The "HIGH SPEAKER" is installed outside or under the vehicle. Mounting the HIGH SPEAKERS requires sufficient free space under the vehicle.
  • Where are the DEEP SPEAKER installed?
    The "DEEP SPEAKER" actuator can either be placed in the spare wheel well or directly installed under the vehicle. In both cases, the montage sets enough free space ahead.
  • Which vehicles can I retrofit with an Active Sound System and is it also available for my vehicle?
    The Maxhaust Sound System can be installed in any vehicle, whether petrol, diesel or electric be installed, which has a CAN-BUS. These are usually vehicles built after 2000. You can use the configurator to find out whether your vehicle is available. -->TO THE CONFIGURATOR<-- If your vehicle is not listed, please contact us. -->CONTACT US<--
  • Is the system installed visibly?
    If the DEEP SPEAKER is installed in the trunk, you can only see the pipe opening from below. If installed under the car, you can only see the speaker when you lie under the car. The HIGH SPEAKER, on the other hand, must always be installed on the vehicle underbody so that it is visible.
  • Can the system be controlled via my vehicle profiles or via other buttons?
    Yes. Most vehicles can also be controlled via the driving profiles, such as the "Drive Select" (Comfort, Auto, Dynamic) for Audi or the "Agility" profile for Mercedes. Additionally, buttons such as ESP or cruise control are also possible. The preferred variant can be set via the smartphone app.
  • Is the DEEP SPEAKER connected to the rear silencer?
    No. This only has disadvantages. On the one hand, the speaker could overheat and be damaged as a result, and on the other hand, the volume of the sound would be massively impaired. In other words, the system becomes quieter.
  • Does the vehicle have to be coded after assembly?
    No. It doesn't need to be coded. The system is ready for operation immediately after installation.
  • Can the system also be switched off?
    Yes. The system can (depending on the vehicle) be switched on and off using the original vehicle buttons and the app.
  • Can I install an extra button/switch?
    We do not offer an extra button or switch. The advantages are obvious. Who wants to lay extra cables and drill holes in the fittings when you can use the original vehicle buttons! If you still want a button, you can of course use a switch to interrupt the power supply to our modules and thus switch the system on and off.
  • What happens when the lease is returned?
    The system can be easily upgraded. When installed indoors, the holes are sealed with a closed rubber grommet. On rare occasions, the carpet insert may need to be replaced. So far we haven't had any negative experiences with leasing returns.
  • Guarantee and warranty
    Our warranty for defects in the goods ordered is 24 months from the transfer of risk. The customer must immediately inspect the delivered goods to ensure they are free of defects and function properly and notify us in writing of any defects or damage within one month of receipt of the goods. We do not accept any liability for defects or damage reported belatedly, unless the defect or damage would not have been apparent even with a proper inspection. In the case of defects that are reported in good time or are hidden, we provide a warranty, at the option of the customer, through repair or replacement. If the defect is not remedied within a reasonable period of grace or if the subsequent improvement finally fails, the customer can either demand a reduction in the purchase price (reduction) or withdraw from the contract. Repairs only extend the warranty period with regard to the rectified defect. The purchaser must return the object of delivery that has been the subject of a complaint to us upon request. If the notice of defects is justified, we will reimburse the shipping costs. This does not apply if the costs increase due to the fact that the delivery item is located at a location other than the place of intended use. We are not liable for damage that is due to improper use, improper processing or modification, unauthorized repair or maintenance work, operating errors or other interventions in the delivered goods by the customer or third parties. If our inspection shows that the defect claimed by the customer does not exist or was caused by the customer, the customer shall bear the proven costs of our inspection.
  • Is there a right of revocation?
    You can revoke your contract without giving reasons within the statutory period. -->more<--
  • Where can I have the Maxhaust system installed?
    Either directly at our factory in Mainhausen Media-CarTec GmbH Jahnstrasse 27 63533 Mainhausen or at one of over 100 installation partners worldwide -->GO TO SHOPFINDER<--
  • Legal notice (GERMANY)
    We would like to point out that retrofitting the components in road traffic is not permitted and that use is at your own risk. Furthermore, there is no general operating permit or expert opinion for these products and therefore registration is not possible. Commissioning outside of Germany: In this case, the legal regulations of the respective country must be checked before commissioning.
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