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Updates: iOS, Android, Bridge & Soundmodul


Our latest updates once again include extremely cool new features!


We have now added STOP SOUNDS to our STARTER SOUNDS. These sounds are played when the engine or electric vehicle stops.

ATTENTION: The stop sounds only work if the bridge is connected to permanent plus. If the Active Sound System is only supplied with power when the ignition is switched on, you will not hear any sound when stopping.


Normal backfire is only triggered when you quickly step off the accelerator. Downshift backfire puts one on top. Downshift backfire is triggered when the accelerator pedal is not depressed and you shift down a gear. In other words, the engine speed increases quickly.


In the showroom you can now also use the accelerator pedal of the vehicle as a trigger. If the brake has been recorded with the database, the brake is also recorded.

Update: ANDROID app and iOS app v2.1

  • Added stop sound function

  • Downshift Backfire function added

  • Showroom usable with vehicle accelerator and brake.

  • The sound version is now also displayed in the sound info (clef above the sound)

  • Translations improved

Update: Bridge FW v1.9

  • Support of the Downshift Backfire function

  • Support of the Stop Sound function

  • Support for the new showroom function

Update: Sound module FW v1.5

  • Support for the Downshift Backfire function

  • Support for the Stop Sound function

  • New Backfire: Backfire#1

  • New Downshift Backfire: Downshift#1

  • New start sound: Start#1

  • New stop sound: Stop#1



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