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Updates: iOS, Android, Bridge & Sound module


With today's update we have fixed some bugs and integrated new features for the Active Sound system.

Update: ANDROID app and iOS app v1.4

  • The scene functions have been extended and now offer more possibilities.

    • Buttons with keyed signal can now be assigned 8 times. Press 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x press and hold for 1sec, 2sec, 3sec or 4 seconds

    • Keys or switches with switched signal can be assigned 4 times. press 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x

  • Scenes can be executed from the app

  • One function, for example "Press ESP 2x" can be used in parallel for several scenes. Example: Press ESP 2x switches on the Active Sound system and activates a specific profile at the same time.

  • If the speed for the vehicle is stored in the database, scenes can now also be executed depending on the speed.

  • The volume (up and down) is now adjustable in 10% steps via scenes.

  • Also the volume can be set to a certain value via a scene.

  • The existing function "Activate next profile" is now joined by "Activate previous profile".

  • Bugfix: Scenes are now renamed after a profile has been renamed.

  • Bugfix: Scenes were displayed incorrectly after moving profiles.

  • Bugfix: When changing from RPM dependent volume to master volume the values were reset.

  • Bugfix: After changing the vehicle software the product Active Sound was no longer visible and the bridge had to be rescanned.

  • Scene color for Active Sound were adapted to the license cards and are now black.

Update: Bridge FW v1.4

  • Bugfix: Profile names with only one letter could not be saved

  • Integration of scene functions (see App Update v1.4)

Update: Sound module FW v1.31

  • Sound playback method optimized for better performance

  • Bugfix: Backfire had short dropouts or caused no sound for milliseconds.



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