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New Function COLDSTART

🚗💥 New at Active Sound: The Cold Start Function! 💥🚗

Dear car enthusiasts and sound lovers! We are proud to present the latest innovation for your driving experience: the cold start function for the Active Sound System. 🎶

🏆 Unique & Innovative Once again, we are miles ahead of the competition, being the first and only to offer this new feature. We're setting the standards in the world of vehicle sound!

What's New? Our Active Sound System, known for generating impressive engine sound from vehicle data, is taking a step further. With the brand-new cold start function, you will experience a dynamic and powerful start that will bring a smile to your face every time.

🔊 Increased RPM at Startup When you turn on your car, the RPM automatically rises to 1200 rpm. Feel the power and the adrenaline rush as if you're starting a powerful sports car – every morning!

⏱️ Customizable Time via Maxhaust Bridge App You can easily set the duration of the cold start via the Maxhaust Bridge App. Choose between 0 to 100 seconds to create your perfect sound and start moment.

📱 Easy to Use With just a few clicks in the app, you can adjust your settings and enjoy the ultimate sound experience. It's never been easier to bring your car to life!

🌟 Why Wait? Be among the first to experience this fantastic new feature. Transform your car into an experience and enjoy the envy and admiration of your friends and neighbors.

📢 Now Available! The cold start function is now available. Don't wait any longer and get the update to take your driving experience to the next level!



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