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Mounting options DEEP SPEAKER

General information

We ask that you read these instructions carefully and follow the steps given here.
Questions can be asked in advance and also during the assembly to our support by email or by phone during the known opening times.

safety instructions

Installation may only be carried out by trained specialists. The installation is carried out exclusively according to these instructions and at your own risk.

Media-CarTec GmbH will take over any damage caused by improper installationnoLiability

Legal notice according to StVZO (for Germany)

We would like to point out that retrofitting this component is not permitted according to the StVZO and that you use it at your own risk.
Furthermore, there is no general operating permit (ABE) or TÜV certificate for this product and therefore registration is not possible.

Commissioning outside of Germany
In this case, the legal regulations of the respective country must be checked before commissioning.

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